Business Overview

  • FA Business

    We offer solutions that improve the capacity and the quality of manufacturing sites using aluminum frames, extruded by ourselves, as well as various parts. We provide bases for the equipment, workbenches, safety fences, and the "KARAKURI Module," which reduces the workload in factories substantially. It is used in a wide range of industries, including automobile, semiconductor, food, medical care and distribution, supporting the maintenance of a safe and comfortable environment, and manufacturing site improvement activities.

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SUS offers a variety of hybrid factory automation products that combine standard modules with minimum motorization. Simple automation structures and stable movements will reduce the need for adjustment. The Hybrid Chute uses “The Power Unit” as its motor-assisted mechanism and makes two types of electronic movements: the up-down movement and the inclination (unlocking) of the table. These electronic movements not only prevent impact to the work but are also suitable for the supplying and discharging of empty boxes that are hard to flow with their own weight.

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  • Snets Business

    We design and develop control and driving devices to promote factory automation at manufacturing sites. We implement networking for FA devices that control electric actuators, switch boxes, and conveyors using our unique software. At SUS, we provide customers with optimal FA solutions, with one-stop execution of the entire process, from device selection to wiring, program, and operation validation.

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ecoms Business

In our ecoms business, we design, develop, and install architectural products that flexibly accommodate environmental changes and diverse lifestyles, including waiting rooms and smoking booths in transportation facilities, nursing rooms, and minimal residential units "t2." By using high quality aluminum to manufacture distinctive SUS products, such as support structures for photovoltaic modules, cultivation shelves for factories, and furniture, we aim to create a comfortable living environment.

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  • IAI Products

    IAI is a leading manufacturer of electric actuators and industrial robots with more than forty years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing. The comprehensive portfolio includes Linear Axes, Grippers, Servo Press, Single Axis Robots as well as Cartesian, Table top and SCARA.

    SUS has marketed leading linear robotic system by IAI for more than 2 decades tapping on our vast products and application knowledge. This contributes significantly in providing automation solution to our clients. Please visit IAI website for their wide range of products.

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About Standard Units Supply (India) Pvt. Ltd.

SUS India provides mechanism, equipment, motion systems and unit products for FA (Factory Automation) in India. Standard Units Supply (India) Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2013 in Chennai, Tamilnadu is a subsidiary of SUS (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. SUS India strives to provide FA solutions to the Indian market using aluminum with earth-consciousness. SUS India at its Pune branch started in 2015, houses a Product Development team which enhances the existing product in industrial automation domain.

SUS India is a subsidiary of SUS Singapore which belongs to the SUS group founded in Japan, Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in June 1992. Since then we are committed to bring automation engineering solution through emphasis on know-how, service and support to factories and original equipment makers in their pursue to quality, reliability, consistency and productivity in their manufacturing facilities and machines.

With our early awareness in sustainability and environmental friendly manufacturing challenges, we strive to provide engineering solutions that are flexible, environmental friendly and cost effective.

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